Julie Martin

Resource Teacher





A bit about me:

 I was born and grew up in California. When I was young, I had a younger brother who became ill and lost his hearing because of that. I helped my Mother work with him while I was growing up. When I was in high school, I took a class called “Child Care”, and I was able to go to an elementary school and helped in a 2nd grade ESOL class. I loved that experience, and have always loved working with children. When I graduated high school I got a job at a day care as a Preschool teacher for 2 years. I then went to Ricks College (now called BYU Idaho), and then on to BYU to get a degree in Special Education. While in college, I met and married my husband, Bruce. We have 5 children together ranging in ages from 13-24. I have been working in Special Education in Provo School District for the past 28 years, working in 3 different schools. I have loved working with so many students over the years to help students with disabilities to learn and grown and to develop into the wonderful people that they are today!


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