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 Program Quick Links for Student Skill Development:

 Scholatic FASTT Math







 Imagine Learning




RazKids (Teacher code: kparentc) 

ABC Mouse

Spelling City Logo Spelling City
Resources for Students:


Fry Sight Words Review: 

Kind 1-15 A Kind 1-15 B Kind 1-15 C  Kind 16-30 A  Kind 16-30 B  Kind 16-30 C
Fry List  1 (1-15) Fry List 1 (16-30) Fry List 1 (31-45) Fry List 1 (46-60) Fry List 1 (61-75) Fry List 1 (76-90)
Fry List 2 (1-25) A       Fry List 2 (1-50) Fry List 2 (51-100)
 Fry List 3          
 Fry List 4          
 Fry List 5          


Decoding Review:

Consonant Blends    Vowel Combinations


Resources for Parents:

Utah Parent Center

UEN Education Application Webpage

We show Lion Pride in our classroom by:

1. Respect ourselves, others and property.

2. Follow teacher's directions

3. When you arrive, get your folder and ask a teacher what your assignment for the day is. (If the adult is not availavble/busy, wait patiently.

4. When assigned an individual task on the computer, work quietly.

5. Raise your hand when you need help.

6. Stay on task and finish your assigned work.